IMG_0517 Promo PicMy name is Stephen Warren but please call me Steve. I created this website as an outreach to anyone who feels that life could be offering a lot more than what is currently being experienced.

Prior to becoming a “Life Mentor”, I was a Wall Street executive, president of a company in Washington, D.C., and managed large organizations in the financial field. I’ve written a couple of novels, traveled throughout the world, been blessed with a loving family and consider myself to be a darn good writer, artist, photographer, sailor and sometimes a decent golfer. I currently split my time between Tampa, Florida and Murphy, North Carolina which states that I love equally the beaches and the mountains. And I could continue to ramble on with boring details about myself but that is not what this website is about. In fact, it is not about me at all. It is about YOU.

But before I tell you why, I’d like to share just one more thing about myself. My life was not always as perfect as it may now seem on the surface. A major glitch occurred in 1986 when everything around me crashed and burned. After losing everything – my marriage, my company, my health and my mind – I embarked on a life transforming experience that revolutionized my purpose, my values and the true meaning of my life. It actually turned out that 1986 was the best year ever for me. In order to find it all, I had to lose it all. It was the year that God whacked me between my eyes with an invisible two by four and said, “WAKE UP, YOU FOOL!”

Doing just that, I became awakened to what really matters in life. After thirty years of searching and seeking answers to life’s most complex questions, I became convinced that all of us need a higher level of awareness on how to make life more significant and purposeful. I came to believe that most of us simply allow life to happen rather than making life happen. I also came to the realization that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rather than accepting an uninspired path through life, we can consciously decide what we want and actually make it our reality. We can then look back one day without any regrets and see how much more valuable and worthwhile our lives have become. I believe we each have the right, the freedom and even the personal duty to make that choice.

With great conviction, I decided that sharing new life concepts could be transformational to others, such that all of us could be better connected to our real purpose and then live congruently with that knowledge. My three-decade research into these life mysteries led me to author A LIFE OF PURPOSE, The Guide to Living Your Higher Self. From that endeavor, I launched my website blog  to communicate a more rational approach to a fulfilling life.  My hope and intent is to encourage you to live more purposefully, to make a profound difference in your own life and ultimately to the lives of others.





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