Purpose Image 8

The knowledge of our Purpose is the definitive dilemma of our life, the ultimate quest for our reason to live. If we knew our Purpose, we would know precisely what we are seeking and even how to attain it. With a defined Purpose, our time would never be expended on meaningless activities. Our life would have tremendous conviction and resolve and every thought and action would have a clear reason behind it. We would feel confident that whatever happens was supposed to happen as everything would always fit in perfect harmony with the Grand Plan. Our journey would be magically transformed and we could effortlessly guide ourselves toward the ultimate life. Yes, knowing our Purpose would be a wondrous event . . . akin to having the secret to life itself! Maybe we should seek out that mystical guru on the mountaintop for our answers. Then again, maybe we should ask why we even want to get out of bed in the morning . . .

            Yes, here we are, still getting out of bed each morning. But do we really know why? Do we have any compelling reason for facing our daily challenges in life? And while we know that our life is being experienced, that we are here living it . . . do we really know for what clear reason?