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We must reflect upon our most compelling reasons to live with great passion! The more passionate we feel about our life, the more compelled we will be to act in accordance with our Purpose. Thus, our Purpose becomes synonymous with our passion. In fact, what other Purpose should we have than one that totally absorbs, involves and enthralls us? If we have any inkling of what truly motivates us, then that very motivation must, by definition, be inspiring and stimulating. There is really no other way to live. If our Purpose, our Vision, our Values and our Mission are not extremely motivating to us, then of what value are they?

Life is not meant to be mundane, ordinary nor boring. In order for it to be significant and meaningful, it must be relished and deeply savored. We cannot live on the sidelines unsure of our strongest convictions and desires. We have to believe so strongly in our Purpose that we literally live it in everything we do, from our life at home, to our work and to our community. When our Purpose is activated with passion, we will discover infinite opportunities to enjoy an intensely exciting life. Let’s think back to those moments when our Purpose seemed as if it was on-fire, when we had that burning desire to do something and nothing could get in our way. Did we not feel profoundly immersed in our own happiness? Were we not sensing the greatest joy ever in being alive?

The human brain has infinite capacity for this self-induced passion. It is a pinkish-gray, almond shaped organ weighing approximately 3-4 pounds. It consists of 100 billion neurons each capable of firing at a rate of about 80 times per second. There will never be any computer capable of producing the range of feelings, emotions and thought processes that we already possess – resting quietly between our ears. Within our brain’s structure are myriad receptors for opiates such as heroin, morphine and even marijuana. The incredible thing is that we already produce these chemicals (known as endorphins) naturally within our own bodies. We already know about the runner’s high or feats of strength from mothers lifting automobiles off of their children. These intense emotions are actually produced through our own will.

Imagine what life would be like if we could call forth these naturally passionate feelings whenever we wanted to? The fact is that self-induced euphoria is within our capacity to achieve whenever we desire these feelings. Ordinary people accomplish this every day of their lives by tuning into their own passionate attitudes toward life. They know how to achieve the fire-in-the-belly feelings by becoming fully engaged in their Purpose, their Values and their Mission in life. They literally become lost in their pursuit of what is most important to them. Nothing stands in their way as their passion fuels their brain with euphoric chemicals and intense nerve impulses. Their energy level soars, their actions are powerfully self-directed, and their passion for achievement is unstoppable!

Our passion is most always evident in our life’s work. As the late George Burns reminded us, I would rather be a failure doing something I love than be a success doing something I hate.  At some point, we have all felt this passion to succeed and accomplish something with our life. When we passionately pursue a career or a task that is vital to us, we are certain that our Purpose is at the root of our feelings and our actions. For in knowing our Purpose, we know exactly what it is that we will do with our lives. It is not difficult to observe those people who are passionately pursuing what they love. These people seem to possess a certain vitality and an ability to accomplish extraordinary achievements.

Imagine for a moment we are so excited about going to work that we actually arise from bed at 5:00 AM while a blinding snowstorm rages outside; we are humming the tune from Rocky while making a pot of coffee; then pound our chest and let go at the top of our lungs, I love my life! Not something we do every morning? Sound a little strange? While rare, there are people who actually think and act like this. They believe that anything is possible with the right attitude and the right effort.

And these people are not just motivational speakers. They are everyday people who are in touch with themselves and their Purpose. They make life happen because they have chosen to be self-directors of their own destiny. They have realized their highest sense of Self by developing a positive self-image and are continually in pursuit of happiness in everything they do. They are at the peak of the hierarchy of their human needs, continuously striving to reach Abraham Maslow’s concept of self-actualization.

As we challenge ourselves to discover and then act upon our highest needs, the more likely we are to also realize our own true Self. With Purpose we can loudly proclaim, I love my life! as we begin each day. Let’s suppose for a moment that we really do love our job, our family, our financial situation, our health, and our future. Suppose also that we love breathing, smelling, seeing, hearing, feeling and learning. Let’s assume that we think we are important, worthwhile and valuable to ourselves and to the world in which we live. We are self-confident and proud of our accomplishments. We believe that we are unstoppable in our quest. We know ourselves, what we want and expect to get what we want . . .and we believe that tomorrow will be an even better day.

Does this sound like a script for a Walt Disney, happy-ending movie? Perhaps, but this scenario is not as unrealistic as it may first appear. We actually can create that script for ourselves. It is purely a matter of holding self-beliefs and creating a powerful self-image based on a strong sense of Purpose. If, as we have repeatedly stated, Purpose is the meaning that we give to our life, then whatever meaning we choose will be the meaning that we live by.

If we choose our life to have little meaning, then that is exactly what we will receive. If we command a greater meaning for our lives, that belief will also make it so. William Shakespeare said, There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Virtually every aspect of our lives can be controlled through our thought processes. Our attitude is paramount. We can become the person we wish through adopting a passionate attitude of great expectations.


CertifiedRetirementCoach_Logo72DPI - GIFAccording to Dr. Richard Johnson, the leading authority on retirement options, “the “new retirement” is not an ending, it’s a new beginning, the start of a new life of vastly expanded proportions.”

Unfortunately, a large number of the 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 each day still view retirement as the end of their personal growth.  They may then find their remaining years drifting into boredom, low self-esteem, limited social interactions, and a feeling of lost purpose.

However, there is an equally large number of baby boomers who sense this is the best time to live their dream, to make new self-directed choices to grow, prosper and make significant contributions to society.  In essence, they will choose to finally live their purpose.

Which group you will fall in depends on your attitude, your pre-retirement preparations and your perceptions of future opportunities. Your retirement success is within your own control but it will take some deep introspections and self-awareness training.

A certified retirement coach can provide you the detailed assessment of the factors that will shape your retirement satisfaction.  This coach will help you discover your options for life fulfillment in your encore years.  Since your “second adult life” could last 30-40 years, working with a certified retirement coach today would be time well spent.

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Time Out jpg

Most of us avoid the task of life planning because we feel that it is  not in our control, that our environment has more control over us than we have over it. Or we feel that it may involve risks, risks that could lead to disappointment or failure. Or we’d rather not ask the tough questions because we don’t welcome a forced analysis of our lives.

No doubt, this is a difficult process. But unfortunately, if we don’t plan to live our own life, then somebody else or our external environment will do it for us. We should ask ourselves if our life is something we want to give up so easily. We must revere the sanctity of our life and vigorously protect the right to plan our future as we choose.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. It will go on, with or without us. We do have the choice to make it as meaningful and as purposeful as we choose it to be. Planning our lives and then living our lives according to that plan should not be an option. We really have no other choice if we want to realize the life that we deserve and expect.  Let’s take some time to make that happen.



Purpose Image 8

The knowledge of our Purpose is the definitive dilemma of our life, the ultimate quest for our reason to live. If we knew our Purpose, we would know precisely what we are seeking and even how to attain it. With a defined Purpose, our time would never be expended on meaningless activities. Our life would have tremendous conviction and resolve and every thought and action would have a clear reason behind it. We would feel confident that whatever happens was supposed to happen as everything would always fit in perfect harmony with the Grand Plan. Our journey would be magically transformed and we could effortlessly guide ourselves toward the ultimate life. Yes, knowing our Purpose would be a wondrous event . . . akin to having the secret to life itself! Maybe we should seek out that mystical guru on the mountaintop for our answers. Then again, maybe we should ask why we even want to get out of bed in the morning . . .

            Yes, here we are, still getting out of bed each morning. But do we really know why? Do we have any compelling reason for facing our daily challenges in life? And while we know that our life is being experienced, that we are here living it . . . do we really know for what clear reason?


Our world society is heading down a very dangerous path at an alarming speed. As a collective people, we are rapidly losing the essence of collective Purpose. If each of us live without Purpose, we all live without Purpose, suffering the consequences together.  Perhaps we are approaching the end of human history. If we are indeed a post-industrial, cyber-techno society where crass commercialism and personal gratification exceed our desire to love, share and live with greater Purpose, then we will receive what we have asked for: the finalization of our right to exist as a human race. This is a harsh indictment of ourselves and an unpleasant proposition to consider but the evidence of this possibility surrounds us.

We are now living in a world dominated by greed, instant gratification, and weak cultural values. We are losing our ability to live with moral consciousness and belief in our Purpose and our Higher Self. We work ourselves to exhaustion, then have little more to show for our efforts than mounting debts and consumer products that are obsolete the next year. We educate our children; then lament their inability to reason, much less read. We have removed the front porches on our homes where we used to converse, moving inside to play with our electronic toys.

We are destroying our environment for profit and then complain that our fish have died, our beaches are gone and our parks are overcrowded. We embrace technology like a religion, then lose our jobs to the same machines that we created. We advance our scientific knowledge of ourselves while watching our inner cities decay. We sit mindlessly in front of true confession reality shows rather than read books or create art. We use video games to babysit our children, then complain that they won’t communicate with us. We spend more money on prisons than universities; then wonder why our crime rates escalate.

We have become a people of paradoxes, a people without Purpose. It is indisputable that our problems have not been solved through advances in technology, science, medicine or government. We still pursue inner peace and happiness, pursuits that still evade us despite our progress in human engineering. Nothing has really changed with all the changes made to our Selves and the world in which we live.

The reason is simple: We have forgotten how to love, give, share, or live for higher causes than ourselves. We simply do not have a Purpose that extends beyond our own needs for comfort and personal satisfaction. We are not willing to give up ourselves for something that is infinitely more important than our gratification for the moment. Our children are becoming our greatest victims, and the world they inherit may not be the world we intended or wished for them. We are wasting our Purpose and our cultural values for our expedient desires of today. We are running out of time.  But we have still time to change this.


Realizing our true potential involves self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-guidance. As we gain greater awareness of ourselves and take positive, purposeful action we begin to validate our potential. This validation of our potential creates a success-reality for us that in turn will carry us toward higher achievements. The key is to convince our Selves of this possibility. Our failure to do this is usually because we are not convinced enough. We simply don’t believe that we can do it! Essentially, we fail to produce positive results due to the self-sabotage taking place in our sub-conscious minds. There are powerful mind-triggers that hold us back just as their equally powerful mind-triggers that tell us to go for it! We listen to our negative sub-consciousness because of imbedded commands that have been programmed into us, i.e. little voices that we have heard for many years from parents, teachers, spouses, bosses and even our best friends. We don’t receive nearly as much positive reinforcement from others as we get reasons why it can’t be done: We are told that we need more experience! We have never done it before! We don’t have enough education! We can’t afford it! We have to take care of this or that problem first! We should be content with who we are! We need to take care of other responsibilities! For some bizarre reason, people just don’t like to encourage us to succeed. But the far greater problem is that we tend to listen to them. And believe them!  If we listen only to our Self  we will eventually begin to believe what we are hearing.


Purpose Image 3

  • If we see hunger, our Purpose must be to find one family to feed.

  • If we see hatred, our Purpose must be to offer kindness. 

  • If we see greed, our Purpose must be to counsel. 

  • If we see ignorance, our Purpose must be to teach. 

  • If we see pain, our Purpose must be to comfort. 

  • If we see pollution, our Purpose must be to cleanse.

  • If we see sadness, our Purpose must be to cheer.

  • If we see loss of hope, our Purpose must be to encourage.

  • If we see helplessness, our Purpose must be to support.

  • If we see chaos, our Purpose must be to calm.

  • If we see deceit, our Purpose must be to inform.

  • If we see war, our Purpose must be to make peace.



Sharing Your Purpose JPGIt is important to understand that our Purpose, while uniquely ours, is not fully manifested until we find cause to share it with others. We cannot find true meaning in life without connecting ourselves with something larger and more pervasive than we are.  Existing in isolation of the larger world will only turn us inward, while our Purpose needs outward expression to find its fulfillment. It is said that no man is an island because no one of us can find lasting peace and happiness through any other channel than participation in the greater world in which we live.

Our Purpose can find expression along two major pathways: First, giving of ourselves to others; and second, having a cause to live for. Our greatest opportunity to feel totally alive and significant is to share ourselves to the larger community, to have something meaningful to believe in and stand for. We celebrate our Purpose by discovering the many ways in which our life can significantly impact and improve the lives of others.  We will not have to look far for these opportunities. Likewise, if we possess a deep commitment to a cause, a crusade or a conviction that we hold fundamental to our Purpose, we will possess the most exciting, rewarding reasons to exist while ensuring great meaning for our life going forward.

We do not have to live in a world characterized by empty values, unabated greed, hatred and unintelligent gratification at the expense of our collective well being. Not unless that is our Purpose, and we must believe that should not be our Purpose. Our Purpose should center upon our caring for the world that our children will inherit. We can find great Purpose in giving of ourselves with selfless love. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, Love is everything. It is the key to life, and its influences are those that move the world. If we cannot accept the world as it is becoming, we can make it our Purpose to change it.

Through giving of ourselves to others and to a cause that we deeply believe in, we will find our Purpose. There are infinite opportunities to make our lives more Purposeful as we extend ourselves out to the world community. All anyone needs to do is just look around . . .


Purpose provides us hope and inspiration.

Purpose gives us an intended, clear direction.

Purpose offers us promise for the future.

Purpose teaches us our values and goals.

Purpose provides us a daily roadmap to follow.

Purpose puts passion into our life.

Purpose gives us control of our destiny.

Purpose is the total source of our spirituality.

Purpose sustains our commitment to achieve.

Purpose creates our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Purpose provides meaning and significance to our life.

Purpose is the basis for our happiness and joy.

Purpose focuses our efforts and gives us perseverance.

Purpose creates productivity by managing time for us.

Purpose provides us balance and harmony.

Purpose is the source of our strength and inner peace.


Life Spiral

A strange paradox of life is that the more we attempt to perfect it, the more imperfect it seems to become. At first, this paradox would seem to imply that life is hopeless. But it is precisely this imperfection that makes it so interesting and promising. From birth to death, life is a continuum of change – an ongoing series of events, happenings, and transitions. We are born as a bundle of potentiality. We grow and learn. We face challenges and obstacles. We experience the good and the bad, hope and despair, happiness and sadness. We mature from these experiences and develop a much richer understanding of our Purpose in life.

Having a clear Purpose and faith in ourselves will help us navigate the twists and turns of life. Life is never going to move in a straight line. It will never be predictable at any point in time. It spirals continuously, from some place we have been to some place we are going. To keep pace with these constant transitions we must always be aware of our Purpose as we confront the challenges of change and self-renewal. We can manage the effect of life’s paradoxes by first recognizing and accepting their inevitability and then by making Purposeful choices to manage them. Since we have unlimited opportunities to do so we have an open invitation to make life more significant and worthwhile. The one thing we cannot do is stand still.



We have been given that marvelous gift to do with as we choose. It is life itself that we should embrace. It is ours to live. Too often, we lose sight of this miracle called life. We take it for granted. We abuse it. We waste it. We criticize it for its difficulty. We believe we didn’t get our fair share. We fault our opportunities and condemn our lack of good fortune. We feel that the best of what life has to offer rarely comes to us. But with all this blame and criticism of our life, we rarely believe it is our fault. We expect happiness to come our way, and if it doesn’t, then the rest of the world is whom we indict for its unfairness. Yet, we alone create the good fortune that we will receive. We cannot wait for our ship to come in. We must swim out to it. We should not waste another moment agonizing over how unfair life can be; rather we should rejoice that it even exists.


From time to time, we should hit the pause button in our lives, look deep within and answer these tough questions:

Have I ever relied upon my Purpose as the basis for anything that I have done in life?

Have I ever put my Purpose to work in planning the life I will lead?

If asked to state my unique Purpose in life, could I respond with anything more than a blank and perplexed stare?

Can I recall when I last made an informed choice or decision based on the knowledge of my specific Purpose?  

Do I know for what Purpose I will choose to do anything different in the future than what I have done in the past?