Welcome!  This is Stephen Warren thanking you for visiting Our Life Purpose.

Breaking News copy copy copyThe mission I’ve undertaken is to show folks, from all walks of life, how to create more purposeful lives. That may sound impossible, even utopian, but I believe you can create the life you want and deserve.

But let me say this at the outset. Don’t be misled about the grandiose word – PURPOSE. Your purpose is not some divine definition of why you were put on this earth. Sorry, but there is no magical, golden scroll that will fall from heaven and land at your feet proclaiming , “Hey buddy, here is your Purpose. Now go have a wonderful life!”

I wish it were that simple. The purpose that will govern your life is entirely up to you. It is born out of deep  personal reflection – that is, discovering what is most important to you and how you will translate that into your own life experiences, feelings and actions. Also, your purpose  will have multiple manifestations at each stage of your life especially as you enter your retirement years.

I do hope to inspire you to discover and create your own life purpose. If you feel life wellness or retirement coaching would benefit you, I’ll help you gain a new vision, value system,  and the unifying principals that will define your own life path. The issue now before you is to decide if you’ll take the trip . . . If you do, I promise you’ll have an exciting journey!