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For all of us, taking a journey into our real Self is challenging. Acquiring our true life Purpose is perplexing, if not unattainable. And applying these insights into our daily life is next to impossible . . . UNTIL NOW!

A LIFE OF PURPOSE, The Guide to Living Your Higher Self unravels these life mysteries and puts you back in control, where you can make your life happen instead of letting it just happen to you. This book will provide you the Wake Up Call that will enlighten and inspire you to create the fulfilling and meaningful life that you deserve. Using a practical and common sense approach, A LIFE OF PURPOSE will show you how to move past the obstacles, fears and indecisions that may be holding you back. With clear understanding, you will discover how to:

  • Uncover your passion and reveal your highest motivations in life
  • Create a highly valued life that focuses you on what really matters
  • Overcome self-doubt and the mental blockages that limit your success
  • Bring order and sanity to the daily problems that inhibit and detour you
  • Instill a simple and balanced approach to your life
  • Allow you to enjoy a life with no regrets and a life that truly makes a difference

A LIFE OF PURPOSE is the ultimate guidebook that takes you on a journey to your Higher Self.  You will know who you are, where you are going and how you will get there . . . and you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner . . . BUT YOU CAN NOW!

If you are interested in learning how to take your life to a higher level of meaning, please read A LIFE OF PURPOSE – The Guide to Living Your Higher Self which can be ordered here:

I hope you will enjoy it and discover new insights for living a more purposeful life.

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